How to Make Your Own Cannabis Oil

Extracting the essential oils from cannabis, concentrates the healing oils.  Cannabis oil is also known as honey oil, canna oil, or hemp oil.  

Cannabis oil is NOT the same as hemp SEED oil.  Hemp seed oil is food, which is high in healthy Omega 3:6 fatty acids.   Cannabis oil (hemp oil, marijuana oil, honey oil) is medicine.  

Cannabis oil (hemp oil) is very concentrated, and only a small amount is needed.  Many patients report taking just a dab the size of a couple grains of rice a few times of day.  Depending on the potency of the marijuana that is used to make your cannabis oil, the effect will be different for each person. 

Patients have reported cannabis oil to be effective at curing many types of cancer, including skin cancer, and prostate cancer.   Cannabis oil has been effective at helping many people, who were seriously ill, and written off by the health care system, to reclaim their health.  Cannabis oil, may cause drowsiness, and has been reported to be more well tolerated as the body adjusts.  Many patients have found great success taking their doses throughout the day.   Once upon waking, once in the afternoon, and again at bedtime.  A small amount taken by mouth, or applied to the skin in cases of skin cancer are reported to be effective treatments.