ALS / Lou Gehrig's Patient Cathy Jordan Describes How Marijuana Helps ALS Disease

In 1985 a vibrant woman by the name of Cathy Jordan was busy painting a trailer and getting ready for the Kentucky Derby, when her finger locked up so tight her husband couldn't pry it open from her hand.  She was a hair dresser who was used to using her hands, and was forced to retire.  In 1986 she was diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease at the age of only 36 years old.  In 1989 while vacationing in Florida she happened to use cannabis.   While using cannabis she realized her disease had stopped.  When she told her Doctors that her disease had stopped, they thought she had a form of dementia, and was not handling her demise from ALS very well.  Since then, she has been using cannabis and wants people to know that people are dying from Lou Gehrig's disease, yet there is a natural plant that is non-toxic, and it works.  That plant is cannabis, also known as marijuana.  The marijuana plant eases the symptoms of Lou Gehrig's disease, and for Cathy Jordan it stopped the progression of ALS.